JSSSH - Volume 5, No. 4, 2019
PDF Trust between police and the black churchBenjamin Roberts
PDF Theoretical bases of the beats’ repudiation of conformity from the point of view of social psychology, Ehsan Emami Neyshaburi
PDF Appraisal of infrastructure capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa, 
Eyitayo Ogbaro & Dr. Sunday Oladeji

JSSSH - Volume 5, No. 3, 2019
PDF Weight-height indicators of heavyweight boxers as the most important component of planning and implementation of the training process, Serebryakov Yuriy
PDF A strategy for English reading teaching based on vocabulary, grammar and logic, 
Peng Yu
PDF Moderating effect of board characteristics in the relationship of structural capital and business performance: An evidence from Pakistan textile sector, 
Riaz Ahmad, Hisham Bin Mohammad & Sabariah Bit Nordin

JSSSH - Volume 5, No. 2, 2019
PDF Modern status in teaching foreign languages to children of primary school,
 Dilbar Tadjibaeva
PDF Effect of ethical climate on corporate financial performance in Pakistan: An application of confirmatory tetrad analysis (CTA-PLS)approachSyed Inaam Ullah Shah & Nazahah Abd Rahim
PDF Determinants of Wealth Status among Rural and Urban Households in NigeriaOyedepo, E. O.,  Lasabi O. R & Adekanmbi A. A 

JSSSH - Volume 5, No. 1, 2019
PDF Historical representation in White South African Discourse: Postmodernizing Pamela Jooste’s Frieda And Min., Eric Nsuh Zuhmboshi
PDF Moderating effect of motivation in the relationship of intellectual capital and business performance: an evidence on Pakistan textile sector: Riaz Ahmad, Dr. Hisham Bin Mohammad & Dr. Sabariah bt. Nordin
PDF Addressing the recent developments and potential gaps in the literature of corporate sustainability: Syed Inaam Ullah Shah & Nazahah Abd Rahim

JSSSH - Volume 4, No. 4, 2018
PDF Feasibility of democracy in Pakistan: Usman Sial
“The wetland is our cooking pot”: Implications of latent symbolism of Language use on persistent conflicts in transboundary wetlands in Uganda: Constance Mudondo, Dauda Waiswa Batega & Robert Kabumbuli

JSSSH - Volume 4, No. 3, 2018
PDF Examining the self-esteem of individuals who decided to undergo obesity operation (bariatric surgery): Nilüfer Saatcioğlu Tınkır & Menekşe Eskici
PDF Unparallel ICT in Enhancing the Essence of Democracy and Good-Governance: Shoara Akter, Md. Milon Molla, S.M. Robiul Islam & Md. Rezwanul kabir
PDF Implementing mathematics curriculum in primary schools in Botswana: Issues and challenges Norman Rudhumbu & Lucy Rudhumbu

JSSSH - Volume 4, No. 2, 2018
PDF Polishing the skills: Training evaluation of basic teaching training course, Arlo R. Mortos & Ariel E. San Jose 
PDF Grooming and mentoring of students at the Zimbabwe Open University: A stitch in time saves nine. A case study of Mashonaland East Regional Campus, Sarah Yeukai Matanga & Rejoice Madobi
PDF A sociological perspective on the laksanda sevana (third stage) housing scheme project, Thilakarathna

JSSSH - Volume 4, No. 1, 2018
PDF The need for rethinking the law relating to abortion in Sri Lanka: A critical examination, T.R. Galappaththige
PDF Women and physical exercising in Zimbabwe’s urban areas. A case study of Marondera, Rejoice Madobi & Abisha Mugari
PDF Energy infrastructure and growth of domestic investment in Nigeria: An Ardl approach, Adekunle O. Ahmed, Ayinde T. Olusola, Muritala A. Taiwo & Muri A. Wole

JSSSH - Volume 3, No. 4, 2017
PDF Motivational factors for women entrepreneurs in engaging in street entrepreneurship in Masvingo Urban of Zimbabwe, Emmanuel Dumbu
PDF Crossing the borders: Experiences of teachers in teaching special needs, Leovigildo Lito Mallillin
PDF Entrepreneurial strategies for dealing with unemployment challenges employed by the graduate youths in Masvingo Urban, Emmanuel Dumbu

JSSSH - Volume 3, No. 3, 2017
Competitiveness in selected Sub-Saharan africa (SSA) countries: Lessons for Nigeria:  Chuks Ebere, Adekunle Ahmed Oluwatobi
PDF A Research Summary of the Elderly's Living Condition in China: Bei Feng

PDF Studying the effect of disabled children’s family depression on the life quality of them with an emphasis on the social aspect: Roghaie Asadi

JSSSH - Volume 3, No. 2, 2017

PDFA Literature review of China's public political trust: Wang Xianzhe
PDF Effects of co-ordination strategies on efficacy in the administration of finances in Early Childhood Development Centres in Uasin-Gishu County, Kenya: Jane Jelimo Michael
PDF Living in your consciousness cube: Paul Pound

JSSSH - Volume 3, No. 1, 2017

PDF Postponed retirement and pension: the necessity, feasibility and implementation path: Che Sihan
PDF Attitudes towards learning English as a Second Language (ESL): the case of students in a rural secondary school in Malaysia: Farah Zulkefly & Abu Bakar Razali
PDF Development of human resources for the low-aged elderly in China: Che Sihan

JSSSH - Volume 2, No. 4, 2016
PDF Populating far-flung lands: Judith McKeon
PDF Studying the influence of family members’ depression on the life quality of the disabled with an emphasis on their spiritual and mental health: Roghaie Asadi
PDF How to increase student’s satisfaction at higher education institutes (HEIs) today?: Nguyen Cao Thanh & Nguyen My Viet
PDF Fighting corruption in Zimbabwe: Making a case for community psychology towards the realisation of ZimAsset:  Noreen Kudzanai Wini-Dari & Shakespear Hamauswa
PDF When work disappears, crime appears: a political economy analysis of urban crime in Edo State Nigeria:  Tunde Agara, Bonaventure Chizea, & Oarhe Osumah

JSSSH - Volume 2, No. 3, 2016
PDFTechnology as an educational tool: A study on students’ view on its usage: Slađana Živković
PDFImperatives of performance in successful organizations in Kenya: A conceptual analysis; Eglay Tuvulla Tsuma
PDF An evaluation of income disparities between male and female street vendors of Harare in Zimbabwe: Tavonga Njaya
PDF Women Empowerment through Panchayati Raj Institutions: A Case Study; Y. Monojit Singha
PDF The academic acculturation of francophone students to a multiculturally dissimilar academic institution in South Africa, Charles Adedayo Adebanji

JSSSH - Volume 2, No. 2, 2016
PDF Employment of untrained graduate teachers in schools:The Nigeria case:Aina Jacob Kola
PDF The relationship between personality traits and WTC in EFL context: Maryam Adelifar, Zahra Jafarzadeh, Gholamreza Abbasnejhad & Ahmadreza Shoa Hasani
PDF A sociological study on the tendency of prisoners to applying the restorative Justice programs on them and its relationship with psychological capital: Mohammad Abbaszadeh, Mohammad Bagher Alizadeh Aghdam & Nayyer Mohammad Pour
PDFPauline Christology’ in Colossians 1:15-20 and its implication on Africanness of Cherubim and Seraphim Church’s AngelologyEmmanuel Babalola
PDFThe analysis of coordination state between innovation and business strategies and its impact on performance: Masoud Ghalaychi
PDF A multiple channel mode of mandarin tone acquisition: Teng, Yung-Cheng; Guey, Ching-Chung & Laraie, Arnaud Léon

JSSSH - Volume 2, No. 1, 2016
PDF  Studying the role of human development in reducing the gender Inequalities among the UN Member States: Mohammad Abbaszadeh, Narmin Nikdel, Sara karinzadeh & Nayyer Mohammad Pour
PDF An Investigation over Iranian Middle School English Textbook: Ahmadreza Shoa Hasani & Maryam Adelifar
PDF  A Comparative analysis of women’s land rights in Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa: Tavonga Njaya
PDF  Linguistics innovation of the twenty-first century African writing: Shola Sunday Olanipekun, Ebenezer Omoniyi Onabanjo & Clara Modupe Olayemi

JSSSH - Volume 1, No. 1, 2015
 PDF  Critical thinking within the ESP context: Slađana Živković
 PDF  A study of department chairs’ leadership styles and their relationship with role conflict and overload at university of Tabriz: Farough Amin Mozaffari, Mohammad Abbaszadeh, & Javad Yoosefi Lebni
 PDF  A study of role conflict among department chairs at University of Tabriz: Farough Amin Mozaffari, Mohammad Abbaszadeh, & Javad Yoosefi Lebni
 PDF  Policy formulation process: Significance and considerations of stakeholders and objective setting: Hadia Durrani

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