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Manuscript Submission Process

The submission process is initiated by the corresponding author who submits a manuscript with the prior consent and approval from all the other authors who have contributed to the scientific manuscript and read its final version. All the authors who have contributed to the manuscripts should be included in the authors’ list. The corresponding author corresponds with the Editorial Office and revises the manuscript in light of the review reports.

The submission is made via an online portal with all the required details such as title, authors’ name, email address of the corresponding author, abstract, keywords, complete manuscript, and the reference list along with supplementary/supporting material, if necessary. All the attached files should be in MS Word Format except the supplementary materials. The complete manuscript should be submitted in a single MS Word File. Please follow Publication Ethics prescribed by the Journal and Instructions for Authors.

Manuscript Format

Authors are recommended to follow the format and style given in the 7th Edition of Publication Manual of American Psychological Association and the MS Word Template/Sample Paper for the manuscripts submitted to the journal.

For convenience, some of the basic features of the Publication Manual are given here. A few modifications in basic format have been made to meet the specific requirements of the journal.

General Format

  • The manuscript should be submitted in MS Word document with the supplementary materials if required and requested by the Editorial Office.
  • The entire text of the manuscript should be 11-points font in Times New Roman font except were prescribed.
  • All the headings and subheadings should be in 11-points font, time new roman..
  • Use standard-sized page A4 (8.27″ × 11.69″) with standard margin one inch all around.
  • Single space the entire manuscript, including the alphabetically arranged reference list.
  • Each paragraph should begin indented ½-inch (one-tab space).
  • No extra line space between the paragraphs and the entire text of the article should be justified (aligned on both sides).
  • Enter space between the main sections of the article, such as abstract, keywords, central parts of the manuscript such introduction, research questions/hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, acknowledgment (if any), and reference list.
  • Abbreviations should be given in the parentheses the first time they are described in the abstract, main part of the research manuscript, or anywhere they appear and persistently used in the text subsequently.

The format of each section of a manuscript is given here:

Preliminary Section

  • The title of your manuscript should be innovative and appealing.
  • It should be a sentence case starting with a capital letter.
  • If the title is more than one line, 1.15 space between the lines should be maintained.
  • Font of the title should be 14-points, bold, centered, and with times new roman writing style.
  • Your name centered and institutional affiliation should be given under it. The corresponding author should also give an email address.
  • The abstract should contain 150-200 words with 5-7 keywords.

Manuscript Section

  • The authors should adhere to the rules given in the relevant pages of APA Manual 7th Edition regarding journal article reporting standards ( focus on elements of manuscripts), writing clearly and concisely (particularly organizing text in an appropriate length, level of headings and seriation), the mechanism of style (e.g., punctuation, numbers, and statistical and mathematical symbols), displaying results (especially, general guidelines on tables and figures), crediting sources (for instance, quoting and paraphrasing, citing references in the text, and different types and variations in references having specific components) and other rules required particularly in your manuscript
  • Figures, graphs, tables, pictures, and other illustrations should be in accordance with the APA Manual.
  • APA Manual, 7th Edition, describes the following levels of heading and sub-headings as levels 1, 2, 3, 4. or 5. All the headings should be of 11-points font with times new roman style. The brief detail is given below.
Level Format
1 Centred, Boldface, Title Case Heading
Text starts a new paragraph.
2 Flush left, Boldface, Title Case Heading
Text starts a new paragraph.
3 Flush Left, Boldface Italic, Title Case Heading
Text starts a new paragraph.
4 Indented, Boldface Title Case Heading Ending with a Period. Paragraph text continues on the same line as the same paragraph.
5 Indented, Boldface Italic, Title Case Heading Ending with a Period. Paragraph text continues on the same line as the same paragraph.


Methods (Level 1)

Site of Study (Level 2)
Participant Population (Level 2)
Teachers (Level 3)
Student(Level 3)

Results (Level 1)

Spatial Ability (Level 2)
Test One (Level 3)
Teachers with Experience. (Level 4)
Teachers in Training. (Level 4)
Graduate Teaching Assistants. (Level 5)

Test Two (Level 3)
Kinesthetic Ability (Level 2)

Closing Section

Originality/Genuineness:Are the research problem and related questions to be answered or hypotheses to be tested original and operationally defined? Which existing gaps do researchers aim to address?

Implications of the study:What are the theoretical and/or practical implications of the research and how it can be useful for improving the prevailing practices and bringing reforms and changes in society. What can further studies be undertaken in the area of the research?

  • Acknowledgment should be given, if required, according to the format given in the above two sections.
  • Supplementary materials are not part of the manuscript, and they may be submitted separately if required by the Authors and/or requested by the Editorial Office.
  • References should be given as recommended in APA Manual 7th Edition. Different types of references should follow the specific styles as given in the Manual.
  • The heading of Reference should be centered and bold with 11-point font. Each reference should be left-indented ¼-inch after the first line. The reference list should be justified, and no extra space between the references should be given.
  • The reference list should start at the end of the manuscript (not from the new page).

For further information, please refer to your APA Manual. A short guide to APA publication manual is given here. As a sample for your manuscript, the template in Word format can also be downloaded here. For more details, you may visit: or any other related website.

For quick process, please make sure that your manuscript is documented according to the criteria laid out in the Instructions for Authors and specified in the Template/Sample Paper such as page size; margin; line space, style, font and position of the headings; font and style of manuscript writing; the font, line space and the writing style of the title; author’s name and affiliation and tables and figures.

Article Processing Charges (APC)

The journal aims to disseminate quality research internationally in the selected fields of social sciences and humanities. To maintain the quality and rigor of scientific manuscripts, the manuscript processing and publication fee is kept very low. 
The publication fee is paid according to the high-income economies (USD 105), middle income economies (USD 85) or low-income economies (USD 75). The fee is applicable on all the manuscripts submitted from first of January 2021. The mode of payment will be communicated after the acceptance of the manuscript. Please visit you country in World Bank List of Economies.
Annual Increase in the Publication Fee: From first of January 2023, the publication fee will be paid by the authors according to the high-income economies (USD 155), middle income economies (USD 125) or low-income economies (USD 105).
The authors should read the important information on Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractices Statement and the relevant information on the Review Process before submitting a manuscript to the journal.



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